I'm treating myself to a blog post over dinner because I've had a wonderfully productive day. I have three minutes to write this as my dinner nukes, so:

  • Books are expensive! Engineering textbooks are more expensive than education ones, except for the weird out-of-print education titles, which are just as bad as engineering texts.
  • I am going to need a bigger bookshelf this summer. I have a bed with a slide going down to it! and what we've dubbed "The Happy Mel Box" underneath (it's lofted).
  • It's in the tough times when you find out what's really important to you. Do I care about certification, or do I care about learning? Do I care about school or do I care about education? Do I grow hungry for math and engineering theory when I don't get it? Hands-on building (precision or hacking)? (Learning, education, oh yes I do, and mostly hacking.)
  • I don't suck at math! I think.
  • Being sick is really annoying.
  • Families are awesome.

Ding! Food. Back to work. If all goes well, I'll be done with two classes by the end of the night.