Hurrah, vague rantings with many indeterminate objects and ambiguous sentence subjects!

The only way to guarantee something gets done is to take the initiative to make it happen yourself.

Note that this isn't "the only way to get something done" or saying that "you have to do it yourself."

I'm tempted to say that you're entitled to complain about something only if you've done all you can to both understand the various sides of the entire situation and to fix it, but that's unfair. I can't declare the metric I use for myself to apply to the rest of the world. (Why do I not complain much, except about my own actions? Now you know.)

My actions need to become much more binary (because they tend to backslide into a grayscale gradient). If you see an action that needs to be taken, either do something about it and commit to it fully, or get out of the way and leave it behind. I mean really leave it behind. Don't just put it in your "to-do-later" list. Don't even have a to-do-later list. Be here. Now. Act here. Now.

As long as I'm spitting out disjointed fragments of thought: I'm sorry if I've been giving off radio silence (via email or in person, mostly) and been oddly distant lately (on occasion; it's not a 100% of the time thing) and given no explanation. It's partially out of necessity; there's a lot of stuff going on in my general life-the-universe-and-everything domain right now (workdeath included), and I've withdrawn somewhat so as not to impose crap on other people. I'll be fully back as soon as possible, and I'll try to do better at making it clear to people when I'm unable to fully interact with them at some particular point in time (even if the intent of the interaction is to make me feel better - I really appreciate it, and it means a lot, but I can't always respond to it at that moment). I'm really bad at saying no, so what you usually end up with is half-assed interactivity. I'm trying to say no when it needs to be said.