Opportunity, thou has been knocking incessantly on mine skull. You haven't done this for a while (or I've been deaf to the knocks), but man, I've got to stop being distracted by all these glorious possibilities for the future or I'll never pass my classes this term.

My current source of joy is the MacArthur Foundation, the folks behind the infamous "MacArthur Genius Grants." Specifically, they just opened a new initiative on Digital Learning, or in other words how to use technology to teach both in the classroom and outside of it, and how it (especially technology not designed, used, or intended directly for education) is influencing how students think and learn.

Be still my heart. I've already posted comments on the new initiative's blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next - maybe there's a place for me somewhere in this glorious teeming world of engineering education. Technology and education and usability and computers and open information accessibility for knowledge and justice for all kinds of learners in the wide, wide world. Doors are being flung wide open in front of me, making it very hard to do things like sleep and problem sets.

Possibilities are endless! But I have to graduate first.

In other news, I finally told my mother I was considering not going directly into engineering grad school, and the world didn't explode. We're going to talk about it over Thanksgiving (haven't spoken to my dad yet) but all in all, she seems to be taking it much better than I'd thought. Apparently, Mom expected me to do something strange after college. I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but I'll take it as one.