For those of you wondering what Olin is like...

Story # 1
Last night I was walking through the dorms when Not came charging up the stairs giggling uncontrollably and waving a Playbill with an indecipherable scrawl on it. "It's his signature! I got his signature!" We jumped up and down, squealed, and generally carried on about oh my god, his signature and what was he like and I can't believe you saw him live and such and whatnot.

Story #2
This week was Alex's 21st birthday, so to celebrate the weekend we had a tanker. 15 gallon keg in the middle of the suite, everyone filling up cheap plastic cups with beer and dancing to thudding music in a room full of hastily erected flashing lights.

Sounds like college, right?

Story #1: The "guy" was Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry, who had just appeared at the Ig Nobel Awards.

Story #2: It was a keg of root beer, complete with 6 gallons of vanilla ice cream for a root beer float party.

So on the one hand, yeah, it's college.
And on the other hand, we're definitely Olin. I love this place.