Went to bed 3am. Woke up 3:30am. Drove to NYC (with much thanks to Becky, who shook me awake, Ben, who drove from 5-7am as I dozed in the back, and Kevin, who lent us his GPS and prevented us getting horribly lost).

It is now 10AM and I'm sitting on a stylish lime-green sofa in Microsoft's headquarters in NYC next to Becky and Ben. We're at Barcamp, an unconference and the reason behind our insomnia driving spree. It's a quasi-random gathering of techies from the area hanging out and teaching each other things - the rule is that if you attend, you've got to present. So the three of us are running a discussion on "Spreading the meme: how people get into hacking and how we can get more." We're n00bs, after all, so we know how to talk about others like us.

More updates to come, I'm sure.