There seems to be something going around school, because half the folks I know have been sick sometime in the last 3 weeks. This week it's my turn; I've somehow come to need 8 hours of sleep a night, have a continually running nose, and am awfully tired. Productivity has been less than stellar for the past 5 days. From prior experience, I usually feel worst about 2-3 days before I'm completely over this kind of thing, so I fully expect to be spry and running about by Wednesday. (I've also gotten considerably better at taking care of myself.)

Consequently, my room is in shambles again. The messiness function of my room looks a lot like a sawtooth wave. It's about to plunge back down again; I'm going on a cleaning fury right after this shower (sinuses... need... hot... steam).

On a completely different note, I've been toying with the idea of buying a PDA or Pocket PC (or smartphone, or something small, electronic, and personal-organizey) for a couple years; does anyone have any recommendations? I can't decide whether I want to go ultra cheap & low-tech (Hipster PDA) or insane (Dell Axim or Treo smartphone) or somewhere in between (Palm). I tend to be a pretty cheap person, but I'll spring for good tools that make my productivity dramatically rise.