Jon Cass and I had our first meeting for our independent study in Real Analysis with Burt today, and I began reading the book (Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis, the standard intro text). By the third page I was grinning. Rudin's mathematical writing style suits me; he dances gracefully across proofs and explanations with footfalls so light that occasionally I'll think he missed something, blink, and then realize the description was both necessary and sufficient. Beautiful. Of course, this is the first chapter and those tend to be more well written than the rest of the textbook, so we'll see. But it's been a long time since I did non-applied mathematics, so it's nice to do something useless for a change. *wink*

After an agonizing wait, we found our SCOPE teams. I'm psyched about my project; we're working for DEKA but that's about all I know and probably all I'll be allowed to say for a very long time thanks to the inevitable glory of NDAs. The Erics are also in on it, making our entire half of the suite DEKAland; looking at the team composition it looks like my job's going to be primarily ECEish-software, which suits me fine as I have an anti-knack for hardware (the best way to ensure a circuit board will be broken is to give it to me). I hope I get to do some user interface design, though.

I also wish there was a way for people to swap SCOPE teams; I'm really happy with the project I was placed with, but I know some others weren't as thrilled and it'd be nice to give them a chance to fix that before the projects really launch off. That having been said, I know the faculty spent an inordinately long time trying to make everyone happy, and I really appreciate their efforts.