Several things of note since I last posted.

1. Wikimania conference - more about this later, but suffice to say it was awesome, educational, awe-inspiring, and boy did I meet a lot of great people there. The Olin panel (thanks to Mark Chang, Debbie Chachra, Allen Downey, and Andrew Bouchard!) was nothing short of stupendous, and I kept on hearing compliments about it well into the evening and the next day. Sweet.

2. Work ended - I loved my time at Continuum, and plan on visiting next year (in two weeks for a brainstorm, actually). Olin people, check this place out; you'll have a great time and learn a ton, and meet some wonderful people. Aside from the obvious internships in the engineering departments (I was in the EE dept, but there were a few ME interns as well), there's also the Strategy department, which essentially does UOCD for a living.

I got a spiffy orange scarf and some chopsticks as a going-away present. Now that's utilitarian. I use chopsticks on a not-infrequent basis, so this is a welcome alternative to the cheapo plastic sticks I'm used to.

3. Tax-free weekend was taken advantage of - I never thought I'd see my mom waiting in line outside a computer store at midnight, but tax-free weekend in MA sent its siren call out and we spent the afternoon - and then the night - at the Apple Store in Burlington getting a Macbook. This replaces the creaking Sony VAIO and Dell Dimension desktops downstairs. With the glory of ProCare, I no longer have to be my mom's tech support, so the midnight run was well worth it (heck, I would have done it anyway; it was fun.)

4. I'm home - in Glenview, IL for the next two weeks. So if you're in the area and want to say hi, drop me a line. I'm technically working as a freelance coder from now 'till school starts, but I'm hoping to spend more time riding my bike around town than sitting in front of my laptop.

Speaking of which, I'm going to go out and bike right now.