Calling all bloggers: Wikimania 2006 is looking for your take on the upcoming 2nd annual international conference on all things wiki. (try saying that ten times fast!)

You can blog before the conference (August 4-6 at Harvard University), during the conference, or after. You can blog at the conference or from a distance (the conference will have a lively virtual presence, and the physical sessions will be transcribed, IRC'd, podcasted, and what-have-you). You can blog a short paragraph, write a long article, videocast, podcast, photoblog, scan napkin scribbles, or do interpretative dance. What we're looking for is wikimania as seen through the eyes of as many people as possible, archived for posterity. You can blog about the conference as a whole, or individual sessions. You can blog about open-source, education, politics, technology, journalism, or anything else that strikes your fancy. This is about how you see things; your take on Wikimania, your voice.

If you're interested, hop over to and see what's going on. Tell your friends - spread this around the blogosphere. We want as many diverse voices as possible, whether you've barely heard of wikis before or have been developing them for the past 5 years.