The day after move-out, and I'm back in the Olin library to drop off a present and look for some books. This school appears to be hard-coded into my DNA.

Congratulations, '06. You've left quite a legacy to live up to, but we'll do our best.

It hasn't yet hit me that we have alumni, that my class is seniors, and that '06 won't be coming back next year. I've been too busy and exhausted to process anything of that magnitude, but since I slept for 12 hours last night (the first time in 3 weeks I've slept for more than 4 continuous hours, the average sleep-time being ~2.5) it'll probably hit soon.

In the last 48 hours, I've...

  • Ridden to the airport between JP's bike and Rayona's luggage, with my knees scrunched up in the fetal position because there was No Other Room
  • Gone on a late-night cleaning frenzy with Eric Gallimore to get our suite in shape before people discovered we were still vacuuming 5 hours after we were supposed to move out (VanWyk, you left two books and your plant behind).
  • Given my cousin Audrey multiple piggyback rides, which in retrospect wasn't such a great idea since my back had just finished hauling luggage
  • Watched the first Commencement. It was the most exciting graduation ceremony I've ever seen. Two especially cool things: the diplomas are the golden ratio, and each senior gets to have a quote of their choice read as they recieve theirs (I'm starting to think of mine).
  • Packed
  • Packed
  • Packed
  • Realized that if it weren't for my books and computer stuff, everything I own in the world would easily fit within my (smallish) car trunk. With them, everything I own in the world fits within the trunk, back seat, passenger seat, and another car trunk.

Summer plans? I'm living in the dorms at Olin and working in the ECE department of Design Continuum, a product design firm in Newton. I'm also doing part-time research building some equipment and software for Ozgur's design lab at Olin, and doing some freelance coding for a web startup in Somerville. I'm also volunteer co-webmaster (with Steve) for the Vehicle Design Summit at MIT and working on the redesign of Thinkcycle with Ben and Chandra (long-distance, since he's in Texas and she's in Europe). It will be a gloriously busy summer. I need a gloriously busy summer to refresh and rest myself up from the last two years. I have a weird way of taking vacations.

And now, time to think.