I have been productive! I have been hydrated! I have been warm! I have been not overly stressed, and after spending the last six hours of my life sitting on my suite lounge couch with papers all around me, I HAVE FINISHED GRADING FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER! There are many things I love about teaching; a two-inch stack of Stuff To Grade isn't particularly one of them. Also, I'm sad at the lack of depth of my knowledge. I've really got to learn a lot more about everything if I ever want to teach anything properly (I've totally been faking it for the last five years.)

By the way, if you're reading this and you're interested in TAing for something but don't think you're qualified, you probably are. Do it. Do it now. It will give you a perspective on school, academics, and communication that'll change the way you deal with everything forever. Yeah, it will pwn you at occasion, but it feels great, and it's lots of fun, and it's just worth everything and anything to at least give it a shot.

Small victories. Got to celebrate 'em; they're all I've got right now. Assuming I remain awake for the rest of the CompArch papers, I did everything I said I'd do except for matsci experiments, which was largely because I thought for the longest time that EDS was broken. And I went above and beyond on at least one of the things tonight. The 5 hours of sleep might not entirely pan out for today, though.

My mother's been complaining that I don't email her long anecdotes about my day or talk to her over the phone. Well, if I had an extra hour a day, sure. I don't think my parents entirely understand exactly what I mean by "really busy." Busy, for most adults, doesn't last 24 hours a day on top of all the normal things (banking, cleaning, brushing teeth, eating) a body's got to do. When you get to the point when you debate whether the 15 minutes you'd take to stand in line for a hamburger (which you'll then wolf down as you read your assignment) is worth the time you'd lose from work, you're way past the boundary of sane workload. Mind you, I've not reached that point since... Monday?

Right, so end 10min typing break and now it's back to reading.