Parents' Weekend without the parents today. I slept past my alarm (I vaguely remember turning it off with a "five more minutes" thought in my head) and was woken by a knocking that was indicative of my lack of presence at OVE's pre-rehearsal. With a slightly phlegmmy throat and almost no warming up, I somehow didn't mess up the entire Alto section of "Build Me Up Buttercup" in our (mostly in-tune, mostly together, but extremely exhausted-sounding) performance. So that went well.

I was somewhat more awake for the UOCD presentation, which I do think went quite well. There were lots of parents there (!) that asked lots of questions (!) and stayed afterwards to talk to us (!!!). We're getting better at this impromptu-presentation thing.

Question of the day: Do we accomodate different learning styles and modalities as much as we should? (At Olin? In general?)