about me

I'm Mel, a nomadic hack-of-all-trades who frequently geeks out about {open source and, engineering} education communities of practice and just about everything else under the sun. There's a longer bio and a CV if you like, but the best way to get a grasp on my thoughtstream is to read my blog, which I write for my future self. I don't believe in formal introductions or compartmentalizing one's life, so everything here is tumbled together; that's how I roll.

I believe that everybody has a mission, and try to live with awareness and intent so that I can discern mine. I'm overly excitable and struggle with balance; when I'm not too stubbornly overindependent, my friends and family bring me back to center. I try to be blunt and radically transparent about the spontaneous bursts of unstable equilibrium that mark my ongoing journey. I give, I have fun, and I'm learning more about happiness and life all the time.

assembly required

I'm a quiet introvert, so if you'd like to reach out, I'd love to meet you, and I promise I don't bite. (Quite the opposite - I'll probably be thankful that you reached out, because I'll often have been too shy to do the same.)

I value bluntness, openness, and honesty. I struggle with formality and properness. Email accordingly. ;-)